Axe man calls on neighbour after noisy party

A MAN who went to his rowdy neighbour's house armed with an axe has been given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court heard how David Elliott, 48, who lives with his elderly mother in Clarks Field, Morpeth, used violent or threatening behaviour towards a neighbour after enduring weeks of noisy partying at the house.

Prosecutor Cuthbert Regan told the court that shortly after midnight on March 23 Elliott had gone round to a neighbour's house and knocked on the door which was opened by a house guest, who could see that Elliott had an axe in his right hand.

When he was arrested, Elliott told police: "Aye, it was me.

"I went to the door with an axe."

He said that his 79-year-old mother, who is of ill health, had gone to bed and been disturbed by the noise so he went round but received only abuse in return.

Elliott went back to his house and grabbed the first tool out of his tool box which was an axe before going back next door where the door was opened by a person who said he did not live in the house.

The man grabbed him by the neck and the axe was taken from him.

Elliott pleaded guilty to causing fear of unlawful violence by words or threatening behaviour.

Sarah Turner, defending, said: "The events of that evening were the culmination of three weeks of disturbance from the house.

"It didn't concern my client but disturbed his elderly mother and it pushed him over the edge that night after the house had played host to at least two house guests every evening.

"This is completely out of character.

"He doesn't accept that he was going to inflict violence and both parties have managed to live side by side without further incident since."