Impracticality of Pelican crossing

CAN someone please explain the thinking behind the operation of a Pelican crossing?

I have often sat atop one of the guano decorated granite ‘ice cube’ blocks in Blyth’s grey ‘Tiananmen Square’ and watched as mothers take diligent care to educate their children as to the proper and safe way to cross Waterloo Road using the Pelican crossing.

The children, who were born with common sense and are as yet too young for it to have been drained from their heads, watch while they wait for the little green man to permit their own opportunity to cross the traffic-free road, while seemingly, half the population of Blyth cross freely.

Mother says for them to wait, the frustrated children take on a confused and frustrated expression as common sense tells them that this is a bizarre practice.

Finally, heralded by a bleeping sound, the little red man turns green and mother says it is now safe to cross.

The accompanying traffic lights simultaneously stop the non existent traffic.

It won’t be too long sadly, before the children get into the system and the common sense is systematically removed from their little heads and they too will grow up to tell their children to wait for the little green man without a second thought as to the impracticality of the operation of the Pelican crossing.