Police apply the brakes on speeding

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Police are putting the brakes on speeding motorists in one south east Northumberland community.

Residents in Holywell had raised concerns about the speed some motorists drive through their village, regularly exceeding the limit on the A192 between Earsdon and Holywell.

The local neighbourhood policing team carried out speed checks on Holywell Bridge, and in two days found nearly 200 vehicles driving above the 30mph speed limit.

The registered owners of the vehicles caught speeding received a letter from police advising them their vehicle had been caught speeding.

Neighbourhood Inspector Trevor Oakley said: “The road from Earsdon has a national speed limit of 60mph and as it approaches Holywell village at Holywell Bank this reduces to 30mph, which is the limit through the village itself.

“Motorists are ignoring the signs and regularly exceeding the speed limit through the village, causing concern and danger to the local community. Residents have understandably raised this issue and we’re taking action.”

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team will work with motor patrols to carry out speed checks on the road and prosecute those found driving above the 30mph limit.

Sergeant Phil Patterson, of motor patrols north, said: “Our priority is reducing the number of road collisions, many of which are preventable. The onus is clearly on individual road users to take personal responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road.

“Speed limits are in place for a reason and we would urge people to take notice of them.”