Pride in the show and Coat of Arms

FIRSTLY, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the parade which marched down Bedlington Front Street just before the Olympic torch got here.

From the very youngest member of those dance troops to the oldest senior in the wheelchairs, and even the bemused dogs themselves not to mention the effigy, I think you did yourselves and the town proud.

Little things like near sub-zero temperatures and horizontal rain did little to dampen the community spirit that morning. Well done.

Secondly, there was something which opened that parade which hasn’t been seen in Bedlington, or anywhere else for that matter, for about the last 50 years.

That was the logo on the first banner to walk down the street.

It’s actually the Coat of Arms Bedlingtonshire Urban District Council commissioned about 70 years ago and something which was thought to have been lost, and as far as some people were concerned never existed.

It took some finding and as far as I am concerned it belongs to the people of Bedlingtonshire so we are looking to bring it back into commission.

It would certainly seem to have a role to play in our recent heritage and something I think we can rightly be proud of because it’s not every town that can boast its own Coat of Arms.

Lastly, just a quick mention about the next Bedlington Forum meeting where there will be a presentation by DigitalUK to explain about the forthcoming digital switch over.

Because of the uncertainty and lack of awareness surrounding this event, the forum thought it prudent to get the right people in to put on a presentation explaining all the ins and outs.

Most people will need to retune, so to find out how, why and when, join us on July 9 at 6pm at the Salvation Army building next to the top end of the town.