Schoolboy on potential no 1 music track

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A young footballer from south east Northumberland is hoping to reach the top of the charts with a charity song commemorating thSe football match truce during World War One.

The cover of The Farm’s Altogether Now by The Peace Collection, saw 38 under 12 players from across the country join Premier League stars and 22 schoolboys from Germany to form a backing choir on the charity record.

And Cramlington youngster Kyle Wilson was one of those featured on the track.

Kyle’s mum Joanna said: “Kyle was joined by two boys from each premier league club in England as well as German children to form a choir.

“It was a great experience for him.”

The song is due to be released on Monday, December 15 and is aiming to be Christmas number one.

All proceeds are going to charity including the Red Cross. The song is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of world war one and also mark the Christmas Truce which took place.

Kyle spent last week in Belgium where he participated in a football tournament with Newcastle, and also visited the battlefields, trenches, museums and monuments of Ypres.