Slow drivers not helping

Members of my family have to travel along Cowpen Road on a daily basis to see our father, so we are well aware of the problems and try and avoid the times it is at its worst, these being when the school on the road is either starting or finishing.

The other part of the problem is those who insist on doing 20mph even 15mph, and they know you can’t overtake them, I’ve given them the name of the ‘Sunday Driving Association’ because they drive so slow.

I have even gone that way at 7am on a Sunday morning to go to work and they would go faster if they pushed their car.

Roundabouts would only makes things worse as it would slow the traffic down even more, traffic lights could resolve it if they were in sync with each other, and traffic lights to replace the ASDA roundabout would stop everyone going all the way around it so as to avoid the traffic jam they are helping to maintain.

That is my rant over, but I agree something has to be done, even if it was just a reminder the speed limit is 30mph not 20, 15 or 10.

Colin Johnson