Spending a penny may end in a cell

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Late night revellers who are caught ‘spending a penny’ are being warned their behaviour could land them a night in the cells.

People have been using the streets of Morpeth when caught short after a night out near the taxi rank in Bridge Street.

Local residents and businesses have raised complaints.

Now Northumberland County Council and its partner organisations are working to tackle the problem.

The county council, Northumbria Police and Morpeth Town Council have been in contact with local taxi drivers and late night premises around the town centre to raise awareness in a bid to put an end to the issue by directing those in need to the nearest convenience so they can alleviate their problem without causing streams of unpleasantness to filter into the streets.

Anyone who urinates in public could find themselves with anything from a warning from the police to a night in the cells and an anti-social behaviour order, depending on the severity of their behaviour.

Deputy council leader, Dave Ledger, said: “We are working with our partner agencies to put an end to this anti-social behaviour in Morpeth, it is not only unpleasant but it also leaves a bad impression outside any businesses or residential areas within the town.

“I would like to urge anyone who knows they have a taxi journey home to use facilities in pubs or clubs before going home and being considerate towards other members of the community.”

Anyone who is concerned about the issue should contact the public protection team on 0845 600 6400.