WAR: Iraq not the only conflict

Tony Blair. Picture by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Tony Blair. Picture by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
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Even one death is too many, but perhaps those who would hang Tony Blair from the nearest lamppost might like to consider these figures of UK service personnel killed in action.

Perhaps also they would care to examine too the motives for these conflicts? And explain to bereaved families just what these soldiers were doing there?

In the Crimea (1853) 21,097; On the first day the Somme (1916) 19,240; Malaya (1948) 519 (including 104 National Servicemen); Korea (1950) 1,139, (including 204 National Servicemen); Cyprus (1955) 387; Northern Ireland (1969 -) 722; The Falklands (1982) 255; Afghanistan (2001 -) 454; Iraq (2003) 179.

How easily we forget yesterday’s news.

John Batey