Why has car boot sale stopped?

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I WISH to express my concern over the council stopping altogether the car boot market in Bedlington, which for the past few years was always held every Thursday.

Previously it was held in the Tesco car park, then more recently, without any notice that I am aware of, it was moved to the car park opposite Bedlington library.

Now why has the council stopped the car boots altogether?

No one has been given any good reason, and this includes the stall holders themselves.

Last summer, many Bedlington residents, including myself and friends, visited the car park market.

I have bought many excellent books for myself and family which I could not obtain from my library.

I think of car boots as recycling unwanted goods.

Does the council not understand that not everyone wants to buy new goods from the few stalls they are going to erect in Market Street, where the car boots are not allowed to be.

The idea of the car boot was finding an item in your search and putting it to good use.

I am sure I won’t be the only person who will miss the car boots and meeting people on a Thursday in the search for a good book, film, child’s toy, the list is endless.