Things to do on Boxing Day to banish the post-Christmas Day blues

Stuffed to the gills in a stuffy house, with Christmas Day over and the anticlimax and boredom setting in, it's easy to find yourself at a loose end on Boxing Day.

Peter Kay

Peter Kay UK tour cancelled including 7 shows in Newcastle, instructions issued on ticket refunds

Peter Kay has announced he is cancelling his Live Arena Tour and other work commitments due to ‘unforeseen family circumstances’.
Theatre and Comedy
Christmas benefits dates

Christmas benefits 2017 to be paid EARLY - these are the dates you can expect them

Christmas can usually be a difficult time financially but it's especially tough if you're relying on benefits.
Ignorance about anatomy is endangering the effectiveness of health screening campaigns that target a specific organ, warn scientists.

Public's poor knowledge of anatomy 'hampers healthcare'

Fewer than two in three people know where their heart is, according to new research.

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