Carbon-bodied Ferrari unveiled

Carbon-bodied Ferrari unveiled
Carbon-bodied Ferrari unveiled

Fancy a rebodied Ferrari F12?

The Bangala Caballería is an F12 with its own carbon body – and only 10 will be made.

There’s a comment about footballers and rap stars hovering close to the surface here. Bangala is a Spanish design house, and this is its F12 Caballería – basically, a Ferrari F12 with its body replaced by a 100%-carbon-fibre affair.

This, the company says, was created as a sort of homage to Ferrari’s GT3 racing cars.

What it doesn’t say is whether the carbon body saves any weight over the standard F12. If it does, you might reasonably assume that it will be faster – which would mean a 0-62 time of two-point-something.

Bengala F12

Something else the company doesn’t say is how much it’ll cost to buy one of these. But you’ll do £241,073 on an everyday F12 (yes, everyday), so add whatever you reckon a star footballer earns in a week and you’ve as much chance as the rest of us of getting it right.

What Bangala does admit to is that it’s only going to build ten Caballerías. All will be ready for their owners by the start of the next football season (or make a comment about the Mobo Awards if you prefer), and the company says it intends to do something similar but different every year from now on.

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