Merc lifts lid on soft-top GTs

Merc lifts lid on soft-top GTs
Merc lifts lid on soft-top GTs

Ragtop AMG GTs approach 200mph; sales set to commence before Christmas

If you haven’t yet worked out what you want for Christmas, and you know someone with pots of cash, here’s the ideal page to leave open on their computer.

Mercedes-AMG has just introduced the GT Roadster – a drop-top version of the GT Coupe – which is slated to cost about ten grand more when it goes on sale here just in time for the festive season.

The Roadster gets a variety of styling enhancements over the Coupe, some of which are also there to aid cooling and/or aerodynamics. It also gets more power – though this is only intended to balance out the extra weight of the roof mechanism and the strengthening elements added to the body to take it into account.

Said roof is electrically operated and takes eleven seconds to fold fully up or down. It can work at speeds of up to 31mph.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

Hot and hotter

As with the Coupe, there’ll be two variants of the Roadster on offer. These are the 469bhp GT and the 547bhp GT C, which has additional kit to go with its extra horses.

Another difference is that the standard model will have single-rate shocks, while the GT C will run adaptive units. The latter model has rear-wheel steer, too, as already seen in the GT R, and the extra kit accounts for a 65kg increase in kerb weight.

Doing the rear-end steering are 305/30R20 tyres, as opposed to the 295/35R19s on the base model. In order to accommodate these, the GT C has a bumper that’s just over two inches wider.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

Race ready

Yet another difference appears when you start playing with the two Roadsters’ drive mode dials. Both have Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual settings – but the GT C also offers a Race mode, whose intent sounds fairly unequivocal.

So too does a 3.7-second 0-62 time and 196mph top speed. Not that the standard GT Roadster is slow, with 4.0 seconds dead and 188mph flat out.

If you’re in the market for one of these you really don’t care about this next bit, but the GT returns 30mpg and 216g/km and the GT C gives you 24.8mpg and 259g/km. These figures aren’t even likely to put you off angling for one of these from your rich friend for Christmas.

He or she will need an estimated £105,000-£110,000 for the GT, or £120,000 for the GT C.

Either way, though, here’s the bucket of cold water. Even if you do somehow manage to get someone to buy you one of these, all they’ll get to do in time for Christmas is give loads of cash to a Merc dealer. You won’t actually get your hands on your car until around Easter time – so start practising your best it’s-the-thought-that-counts platitudes now.

AMG GT Roadster
AMG GT Roadster

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