New base-speccer for GTC4 range

New base-speccer for GTC4 range
New base-speccer for GTC4 range

Ferrari’s entry-level four-seater has 602bhp, 560lb ft V8 engine

Ferrari has lifted the wraps on a new poverty-spec version of the GTC4.

Poverty is a relative term, of course. But the existing V12-engined model will stand you from about £240,000 upwards – and the new V8-powered Lusso T should cost a chunk less.

The engine is the turbocharged 3.8-litre unit from the California T, and it’ll turn the rear wheels only (the V12 model has all-wheel drive). With 602bhp and 560lb/ft, it’s unlikely to leave you feeling like the poor relation, especially as Ferrari says it weighs 80kg less than the V12.


Not only is it lighter, its weight balance is closer to 50:50. Only by 1%, but every little helps. With four-wheel steer and Ferrari’s SSC3 Side Slip Control system retained, too, it’s not short on technology, and the twin turbos have variable boost management to curb any unruly excesses when you go in hard on the throttle.

With less weight and more torque than the V12, the Lusso T is unlikely to be far behind its most illustrious cousin in terms of performance. The gap in price should be easier to spot, though – Ferrari hasn’t announced it yet, but is likely to do so when the newcomer gets its public unveiling in Paris next month.

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