Revealed: LaFerrari Aperta

Revealed: LaFerrari Aperta
Revealed: LaFerrari Aperta

Topless LaFerrari remembers its roots in reveal video

Press reveals at car shows can be slightly tedious and journalists tend to look on cynically. Then they watched the video of Sebastian Vettel getting the Aperta really sideways and suddenly there weren’t any cynical journalists watching, there was just a bunch of Ferrari fanboys.

As you doubtless know, Aperta means ‘open’ and this referred to the absence of roof rather than a description of the mouths of the onlooking media. Naturally, extra strengthening means there is a marginal increase in weight over the LaFerrari coupe, but there is the same howling V12 pumping out 963bhp (with some help from the hybrid electric drive). Top speed is over 220mph.

That’s more of a gale in your hair than a gentle breeze, but you will have the choice of a soft-top roof or even an optional carbon hard top. This forms part of an aerodynamic package which is exclusive to the Aperta. There have been small changes, like the angle of the radiators, and some discreet front air dams, so that the aerodynamics are about as good as you can possibly create.

Naturally, in reality, you’re not going to get your hair messed up.

Which is marvellous, but you’re not getting your hands on an Aperta. All 200 have already been sold, so we suggest you close your mouth and watch the video as it’s the closest you’re going to get.

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