Students face £1,000 fine for simple licence mistake

Students face £1,000 fine for simple licence mistake
Students face £1,000 fine for simple licence mistake

As students flood to universities around the country updating their driver’s licence probably isn’t forefront in their minds but failure to do so could land them with a £1,000 fine.

Motorists are required to keep their driving licence details up to date at all time and failure to do so carries the harsh punishment.

That applies to students leaving the family home and heading to university accomodation, who must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of any change of address.

The rule applies even if the change is temporary – for example a term or academic year.

According to the DVLA, drivers must also change the details on their car log book (V5C) and update their address if they pay their car tax by direct debit.

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You can change your details quickly online here and the DVLA will issue you with a new licence for free. Once you have updated your details online you are free to continue driving until your new documents arrive.

The same requirements and punishment apply to any changes in your circumstances that mean your licence isn’t up to date, including changing your name.

Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at Compare the Market, commented: “Anyone off to university this month will have so many things on their mind, but they must take care not to forget.

“Students can be charged a fine of up to £1,000 if they don’t update their address on their driving licence, even if they are only living at a new residence for a short amount of time – such as a university term.

“A £1,000 fine is something few students can afford, especially at a time when the cost of driving continues to rise. The cost of motor insurance for young people has risen to an eye-watering £1,324.”

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