UK’s most dangerous roads for motorbikes revealed

UK’s most dangerous roads for motorbikes revealed
UK’s most dangerous roads for motorbikes revealed

A new study has revealed Britain’s most dangerous roads for motorcyclists.

While bikers make up just one per cent of total road traffic, they account for almost a fifth (19 per cent) of all fatal and serious crash victims.

Now analysis of data from from the British European Road Assessment Programme has identified the most treacherous routes for bikers.

Cat and Fiddle
The Cat and Fiddle route tops the list of Britain’s most dangerous routes for motorbike riders. Picture: Jason Chadwick

Top of the list is the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton – more commonly known as the Cat and Fiddle. It is regularly hailed as one of the best best roads for bikers but two-thirds of all fatal and serious crashes on this road involve a motorbike.

In second spot is the A18 between South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire where 55 per cent of crashes involve a motorbike, and in third is Lancashire’s A588, where 45 per cent of incidents involve a biker.

The ten most dangerous UK roads for motorcyclists

# Road County % of crashes involving motorcycles Overall Risk Rating*
1 A537 Derbyshire – Cheshire 67 203.5
2 A18 South Yorkshire – Lincolnshire 55 128.8
3 A588 Lancashire 45 184
4 A254 East Kent 40 203.2
5 A3055 Isle of Wight 39 133.5
6 A32 Hampshire 32 143.9
7 A21 London – Kent 27 129
8 A259 Kent – Hampshire 26 197.2
9 A4 London – Bristol 23 125.5
10 A6 Bedfordshire – Cumbria 8 158.3

*EuroRAP captures the combined risk arising from the interaction of road users, vehicles and the road environment

Data from the Road Safety Foundation shows that riders are six times more likely to be involved in an accident on an A-road than a motorway so it is no surprise that all of the roads on this list are A-roads.

The list was compiled by Moneybarn, using data from the British European Road Assessment Programme. It considered the length of roads, volume of traffic and percentage of crashes involving motorcyclists to come up with the top ten.

Sales and marketing director of Moneybarn, Simon Bayley, commented: “There are some amazing routes for bikers to enjoy in Great Britain, however, this data does highlight the importance of safety and the vulnerability bikers face on the open roads. Improving awareness of bikers with campaigns such as the ‘think bike, think biker’ campaign is critical to increasing the safety of bikers across the country.”

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