Ashington children have a roarsome time with Dino Day

Young pupils at an Ashington school had a roarsome time with a raft of special dinosaur events.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 7:00 am
Pupils at St Aidan’s RC Primary School spent a term learning more about dinosaurs.

The term-long subject at St Aidan’s RC Primary School gave plenty of inspiration to staff and children who created their own museum and even met a dinosaur.

The Dinosaur Day saw 29 reception and 33 nursery children participating in events ranging from putting the spikes on a stegosaurus to taking part in a non-uniform day.

And the opening of Reception’s very own Dinosaur Museum saw pupils display their expertise on the subject.

Pupils at St Aidan’s RC Primary School were visited by a T-Rex as part of their Dino Day event.

Sarah Hooper, the school’s early years lead, said: “We have had just as much fun designing and creating our own dinosaur museum where the children can show off all their impressive knowledge.”

“Nursery have had lots of fun creating their own dinosaurs using their own names and created an incredible CanyouNameosaurus display,” she added.

“We firmly believe the children of St Aidan’s are roarsome!”

Reception pupils at the school have been using non-fiction texts as the school promotes a love of reading to answer questions as part of a dinosaur inquiry.

“The children have been incredibly intrigued with dinosaur eggs and regularly check them – they couldn’t believe it when a Querk (soft toy) popped out. They are currently creating lost posters to help find his family – they think the dinosaur picked up the wrong egg,” said Mrs Hooper.

The pupils have written to dinosaurs, measured bones and could not believe it when told that a brachiosaurus would not fit in their classroom.