Ashington pupils inspired to learn first aid skills after Eriksen's collapse at Euro 2020

Pupils are learning first aid skills after being inspired by the saving of footballer Christian Eriksen’s life during the Euro championships.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 8:00 am
Year 6 students at St Aidan’s RC Primary School, in Ashington, have been learning first aid skills.

Year 6 students St Aidan’s RC Primary School, in Ashington, have been learning how to react in emergency situations after the high-profile incident during the summer.

The five-week course covers topics such as bleeding, the heart, burns and treatment, broken bones, assessing and treating wounds, the recovery position, CPR and choking.

Michael Moran, acting headteacher of St Aidan’s, which is soon to be part of Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, said: “After the Euros, it was obvious that an accident or tragedy can happen to anyone at any time.

Year 6 students at St Aidan’s RC Primary School learn vital lifesaving skills

“I thought that if we gave our students the chance to learn some of this, it may just make the difference in an emergency if they know what to do and how to react.”

He added: “I’m also really keen that our children are exposed to as many experiences and opportunities while they’re here as possible.

“Who knows, the course might just inspire a future doctor or nurse. They may also save a life, which is an invaluable skill.”

Mr Moran said Year 5 pupils will also be taking part in the course and future Year 5/6 classes will participate in the years to come.

Pupils have praised the lessons for being fun as well as teaching vital skills.

Lily said: “It teaches us things that could be handy when there’s a real emergency.”

Another pupil Maya said: “It’s been really fun doing it. The tutor teaches us in a fun way and we play games and things so we learn good skills in a fun way.”

Ruth Law, of Little Rescuers Tyneside (Tumbles and Grumbles), which runs the course, said: “Children are amazing learners and are able to do more than we often give them credit for.

“If a child is able to call 999 effectively or – for the older ones – do CPR, they have the potential to save lives.”

She added: “There are elements of first aid, which are now in the curriculum.

“However, our course goes above and beyond, to give children important life skills and opportunities to learn and explore, which may expand their horizons for their futures.

“The more children we inspire, the safer our population will be.”