Big-hearted pupil steps up on huge challenge to help raise funds for charity

A big-hearted school pupil has helped dry her mother’s tears by organising fundraising to help children born ‘under not so lucky stars’.

Monday, 23rd August 2021, 8:00 am
St Robert's RC First School student Sienna Bowen with head teacher David Sutcliffe, ready to complete her daily mile for charity along with school dog Honey.

The pupil at St Robert’s First School, Morpeth, is running more than 300 miles along with her brother and sister to raise money for Save the Children after she noticed a tear in her mother’s eye.

Sienna Bowen, 9, initially wanted to donate the contents of her money box to help, but expanded her idea to include her brother and sister Ben, 11, and Tamara, 13.

They will be running 1,000 miles between them and aim to raise £5,000.

“Sienna noted that I had a tear in my eye after watching a news clip of the hunger and suffering children in Yemen and Syria are experiencing due to the war and years of conflict,” said mum Salwa.

“She had said she could walk 1,000 miles around the garden, like Captain Tom Moore, to raise thousands for the children.

"I explained our garden is small and she would get dizzy after ten miles, let alone 1,000 so she suggested running 1,000 miles but I said it was too much to do on her own.

“She told me she spoke to Tamara and Ben and they would split the distance to 333 miles each and run the final mile together.

"Sienna was so motivated and enthusiastic, it was such a kind gesture I wanted to support her. She is so determined to reach out, help and make a difference,” added Salwa.

Sienna even ran a mile with her classmates, school dog Honey and headteacher at St Robert’s, David Sutcliffe.

He said: “As a school, we are so proud of Sienna and her siblings for taking on this challenge. They have all been at St Robert’s and their commitment and desire to support those children in need makes them an inspiration to others.

“It was an honour to run a mile in school with Sienna and her class.

"The school community has been fantastic with kind donations to support the charity. The efforts of all three will hopefully inspire other young people to act in a way that can make a difference.”

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