Pupils from Cramlington Village Primary School had fun at Turners Fun Fair.

Cramlington children learn about fairground life

Fairground showmen turned into classroom teachers to help children.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 7:00 am

Pupils at Cramlington Village Primary School (CVPS) learned history and physics via bumper cars and carousels.

The children were thrilled to learn about the history of the fairground when they visited Turners Fun Fair in Cramlington recently.

Members of the Showman’s Guild of Great Britain, Phillip Cooper and Brett Turner described how they grew up in the fairground and how important school was to them.

They were also joined by 88-year-old Gilbert Chadwick who talked about the incredible changes he has seen, from the horses pulling the shows in the 1930s, through to steam, traction and now the hydraulics of today’s rides.

Y6 pupil Lydia Campbell said: ”I really enjoyed it as I got to go on my favourite ride, the Waltzer.”

Principal Debbie Wylie said: “We’ve been learning about how to become fairground experts this term, a whole-school curriculum project that’s provided all the children with fantastic learning opportunities.

"Finding out about carousels, bumper cars and swinging chairs has allowed the children to appreciate a whole range of scientific concepts such as velocity, motion and electricity.

“Hearing from Gilbert was a highlight of the visit – he was so passionate about how much the new inventions have helped make life easier for the showmen.”

Brett Turner, the leader of Turners, was delighted to host the visit, saying: “We really enjoyed having the children to visit.

"Turners has been coming to Cramlington for over 43 years now since the town first started growing and we have hosted at 5 different sites across Cramlington.”

The principal said the school was grateful to the Turners team for allowing children and staff to make a special visit to the rides at Cramlington’s Eastfield site.

She said: “We were really impressed with all the Covid practices that helped to reassure us that when members of the public visit they are all kept safe.”

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