A marathon music show for charity


Performers from Wansbeck Music Festival and music students from a Morpeth high school are pledging their time and talents to support a local children’s cancer charity.

A music marathon is being held this weekend to raise money for Henry Dancer Days, a charity set up by former KEVI pupil Jane Dancer, when she lost her son two years ago to osteosarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of bone cancer.

In the past year, more than £35,000 has been raised to help children suffering from this illness and their families.

Henry Dancer Days gives financial support and also pays for a day out for the whole family at a time when money may be at a premium.

It also supplies laptops and iPads so that young sufferers can contact or Skype their siblings, who are often unable to visit them in hospital due to the danger of cross infection.

The charity is working with 20 families and there are many more referrals expected in the near future as the help it gives becomes more widely known.

Jane said: “There is a pressing need to help children and their families who find themselves in the same position as us.

“It is important that we give some small element of joy when there are children living such traumatic lives with this aggressive cancer.

“ They need fun and happiness – after all, isn’t that what we all want?”

Organisers Gillian and Ken Irvine are looking for other younsters to take part in the marathon.

Any young musicians who would like to take part will need to play or sing for ten to 15 minutes during the day and will also need to organise family and friends to sponsor them.

For more details about how to take part, contact Gillian or Ken on (01670) 515870 or email kdi@irvines.org.uk

The music marathon will take place on Saturday, April 20, from 9am to 9pm at St George’s United Reformed Church in Bridge Street, Morpeth.

Visit www.henrydancerdays.co.uk for more information about the charity.