All our Yesteryears – Thursday, December 18, 1986, and Thursday, December 14, 1961

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Thursday, December 18, 1986

THREE local authorities are kicking up a stink about south east the River Blyth. Councillors decided to press Northumbrian Water to go ahead with design plans to clean up the river, which gets its colourful nickname from dyes and other pollutants.

BLYTH Valley’s children’s play schemes could be in jeopardy this summer following the theft of play equipment. Property worth £4,000 – the borough’s entire stock for the scheme – was stolen in a raid on a lock-up at Cowpen Estate.

BLYTH Valley Council’s economic development committee is considering flood lighting Seaton Sluice Harbour. Coun Ian Gordon suggested the proposal should be referred to the committee because it would be a boost to tourism.

Thursday, December 14, 1961

A “FARCICAL” situation in which pupils with merit are turned down for university places where others of equal or less ability are accepted was referred to yesterday by Mr. J L Lloyd, headmaster of Blyth Grammar School, at the annual Speech Day.

A FORTY-ONE-year-old miner is waging a one-man losing fight against a plague of rats at the “forgotten” village of Shankhouse. For Mr James Strong, of 36 Albion Terrace, life has become a constant battle against the vermin whose numbers have increased tremendously since the demolition of several colliery rows in the surrounding area.

MORE than 300 Blyth schoolchildren last year refused the opportunity to protect themselves against the scourge of tuberculosis. This alarming fact was disclosed in the annual report for 1960 of the Principal School Medical Officer.

NEGOTIATIONS by Blyth Town Council for the provision of a permanent residential caravan site in the borough have been carried a stage further.