All our Yesteryears – Thursday, March 12 1987 and Thursday, March 8, 1962

Thursday, March 12, 1987

COUNCILLORS have hit out over possible delays to the building of a new general hospital at Ashington. Blyth Valley Council was told last week that the regional health authority is currently considering a document which indicates that there could be a two-year delay in the starting date for the new Wansbeck hospital.

IN pegging its 1987/88 rate at the current year’s 200.7p level, Northumberland County Council says it has achieved something no other English county can match. County councillors unanimously voted in favour of not increasing the rates when agreeing a £127m budget.

LOCAL residents are being invited to see how the £4m-plus A1 Stannington-Clifton diversion – due for completion ahead of schedule – is progressing.

Thursday, March 8, 1962

DOORS of public houses were open longer this week than they have been for years – and the public scarcely noticed it. The much discussed, much opposed extension of drinking hours came into effect on the first of the month and came as an anti-climax, at least as far as Blyth and district was concerned.

IN LESS than two hours 250 children were vaccinated against poliomyelitis at Blyth Clinic on Monday and they never felt a thing.

MR E. J. Milne, MP for Blyth, declared that the scheduling of Blyth and Seaton Valley as development areas was a big step forward but that the utmost pressure must be exercised on all government departments to make the promise of new jobs “a reality”.