All our Yesteryears – Thursday, October 2, 1986, and Thursday, September 28, 1961

Thursday, October 2, 1986

A PLEDGE that Blyth Valley will have a new council ambulance buy March has been made by councillors. The present ambulance, bought with the proceeds of a lottery about eight years ago, is nearing the end of its useful life.

RAIL travellers are to have the use of a telephone at Morpeth Station, thanks to a long campaign by parish councillors. For two years the council has been trying to have a payphone installed, at its own cost.

AN ARTISTIC entrance symbol to Kitty Brewster Industrial Estate would be a waste of time and money, councillors have decided. A joint project had been mooted between Blyth Valley and Northern Arts, with Blyth Valley contributing £7,000 and Northern Arts the remaining £8,000.

Thursday, September 28, 1961

TERRIFIED mothers in the Crofton district of Blyth are demanding that action be taken to remove the “death trap” menace of a two-storey street of condemned houses which have stood derelict for a year. The housewives, who live in Croft Road and Wood Street, are having to act as unpaid watchmen in an effort to prevent a tragedy occurring among children who are using Crofton Street as a playground.

A 24-year-old Blyth plant attendant who on a dark February night dived fully clothed into the River Blyth and rescued a drowning seaman, was presented with a Royal Humane Society Award at Blyth Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.