All our Yesteryears – Thursday, September 4, 1986, and Thursday, August 31, 1961

Thursday, September 4, 1986

BLYTH Valley Council may consult with local fishermen following protests that increased mooring charges at Seaton Sluice Harbour are all at sea.

PET owners are being urged to guard their animals against seeds from wild grasses. The warning comes from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals who say that each year in late summer the seeds cause problems to pets.

PARISH councillors have again highlighted a road safety hazard in Hepscott. They are pressing the county highway chiefs to paint a filter lane on the A192 road at its junction with the village.

Thursday, August 31, 1961

JET Petroleum Ltd has abandoned its efforts to set up a tanker depot in the Port of Blyth, it was revealed this week. A spokesman for the Lincolnshire firm told the News Post on Tuesday: “We have been told by the Blyth Harbour Commissioners that at the moment they are not able to help us in as far as a site at North Blyth is concerned.”

A ‘BRACE AND BIT’ raider sank three fishing boats moored at the Blyth High Ferry in a drilling spree early yesterday morning. Selecting three craft from the 30 scattered along the foreshore, the midnight intruder drilled three-quarter inch holes in the bottom of the boats as the tide rose higher.

MORE than 1,000 members of the Blyth and Seaton Delaval Methodist Circuit are expected at Saturday night’s rally in the Central Methodist Church, Blyth, to welcome two new ministers.