Artists take part in a craft tour

Paddy Hartley Group.
Paddy Hartley Group.

An exhibition of work by three very different artists is touring to Newbiggin Maritime Centre as part of Highlights Touring Scheme’s annual Contemporary Craft Tour.

Textile Stories, from Friday, May 2, to Monday, May 5, marks the craft tour’s 10th Anniversary and brings the exhibition’s artists to south east Northumberland to work with schools and community groups in the lead up to the exhibition.

The exhibition features artists whose work brings to life real and imagined stories of a shared textile heritage.

The skills and craft techniques may be all about textiles but the three approaches and themes are very different.

Paddy Hartley’s work takes a theme of courage in the face of adversity and was inspired by the Gillies Archives and the lives of facially injured servicemen treated by Sir Harold Gillies during the First World War.

Paddy’s pieces are a series of embroidered, cut and embellished uniforms, each one telling a harrowing and yet inspiring story of injury and reconstruction.

Stella Adams-Schofield’s work tells of the dignity of daily toil and perseverance. ‘The Story of a Quilt’ is a response to North Country, whole cloth quilting and an exploration of the processes involved.

Finally, Debra Roberts will be exhibiting her exploration of a single dress, but a very unusual one and one that tells its own textile story.

The late eighteenth century sack back gown was found in a box bought at auction and it has inspired Debra to take it apart and then reconstruct it.

Organiser Peter Seddon said: “We are delighted that the Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour is once again opening at Newbiggin Maritime Centre.

“Last year’s tour attracted over 600 visitors during the weekend it was with us and we are hoping even more will come to enjoy the outstanding, prestigious work made available to the local community.”

Textile Stories will be at Newbiggin Maritime Centre from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.