Comedy show to step over to the dark side

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A COMEDY theatre show is calling in at Newbiggin this weekend.

Cornwall’s leading exponents of delirious wit return to Northumberland with their new comedy theatre show direct from the other side this Sunday, May 6.

A Curious Evening of Trance and Rap with the Ogden Sisters looks into the fascinating world of mediums and the origins of the spiritualist movement.

Travelling back in time to a darkened room set in 1892, hand picked brave observers will dress in Victorian bonnets or facial hair and join the world famous Ogden Sisters at their table as they present the marvellous, the mysterious and the spiritually peculiar.

Spirit seekers will watch on as the whole room embarks on a surprising journey where they will feast on cottage pie, get shot at by an Anatolian and witness the powers of trance dance.

A dark tale of three broken sisters unveil as an audience voyage to the physical realm, through the etheric region and right up to the brass knocker of a portal door.

Mark Labrow, promoter at Newbiggin Maritime Centre, said: “Our partnership with Highlights has enabled us to bring high quality arts performances to the doorstep of our small community, adding to the range of events we’re able to provide for both locals and visitors.

“We’re anticipating a fantastically funny evening to lift the spirits.”

A Curious Evening of Trance and Rap with the Ogden Sisters will be at Newbiggin Maritime Centre on Sunday, May 6, at 7.30pm.

Tickets from £4 are available by calling (01670) 811951.