Cramlington comedian Ross Noble back for second TV show

Cramlington comedian Ross Noble whose second series of Freewheeling will begin this month.
Cramlington comedian Ross Noble whose second series of Freewheeling will begin this month.
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Cramlington comedian Ross Noble will return to our screens next week when he returns with a second series of his television show Freewheeling.

The show sees Ross travel across the country at the request of his social media following, and the adventures that then take place.

“It’s a show that doesn’t have a format, we make it up as we go along,” he said.

“The show becomes whatever it is when I get there depending on the situation.

“The whole show is driven by Twitter. I’ve got my motorbike which can get me quickly anywhere in the country, and then I go on Twitter and say to my followers, ‘what’s going on, what’s it going to be’ and people tweet me and invite me to come and visit them or give me advice on where to go.”

The first series saw Ross using his Twitter followers as a guide book, which saw him encounter a roadside bath, judge a WI baking competition, take on a human fix hunt with fellow comic Rufus Hound, and make mischief with Bob Mortimer and 3kg of custard powder.

“One minute I can be putting up plaques on the walls of the childhood homes of famous people using dinner plates in the Northampton area, and then the next minute I’m going to meet Billy Ocean so he can record a message of support for a man who is up in court because he got a courtesy call he shouldn’t have had,” he added.

“In telly, people normally want to know what the end product is going to be before you start, and that’s not how it works with my show.

“Everyone at the channel sort of went ‘whether you love it or hate it it’s like nothing else on telly’ – hence the fact it got a second series.”

Noble’s brand of quirky spontaneity has seen him collect a live, online and TV following, who will determine where he goes in this second series of Freewheeling.

Ross Noble Freewheeling series two starts on Tuesday, March 24, at 10pm on Dave.