Former miners wanted to join discussion panel

Organisers of a project looking at the relationship between industrialisation and the disabled is appealing for people to take part in a public discussion panel.

The Disability and Industrial Society is a collaborative project funded by the Wellcome Trust, which looks at industrial injuries and diseases in three British coalfields between 1780 and 1948.

The group is searching for former miners/supporters who have had experience of the industry and its health problems, and who might be willing to take part in the initiative.

It will be using information gathered to explore attitudes and experiences of industrial disease and injury.

The discussion panel will take place as part of the event programme at this year’s Miners’ Picnic at Woodhorn Museum in Ashington on Saturday, June 14.

Members of the public will be able to listen in on the proceedings as participants talk about issues surrounding health, accident and injury, compensation and experiences of disability within mining.

The project is looking at coalfields in Scotland and South Wales as well as the north east, and similar public discussion sessions held in Swansea and in Scotland were well received.

The findings generated through the project will shed light on the relative importance of industrialization in shaping modern conceptions, experiences and literary interpretations of disability.

Anyone with an interest in or experience of coal mining who is interested in taking part in the discussion at Woodhorn should contact

More information on the Disability and Industrial Society and footage of talks and discussions can be found by visiting