Guy’s song in memory of step mum

A Bedlington-based songwriter has released a song in memory of his stepmother who died in 2012.

Guy Stoker penned Although You Cannot See Me after his step mum Margaret Stoker passed away in December 2012.

And when he wrote the song, there was only one person he wanted to sing it.

“As soon as I heard Kathy Crinion in concert in Meath in 2011, I knew she was the only voice I wanted to sing the song,” said Guy.

Singer and songwriter Kathy, from Trim, in Ireland, is due to go on tour in Ireland, Europe and the United States this week, with her album Ups, Downs, and Merry Go-Rounds, where Guy hopes to join her on stage at some point during the tour.

Although You Cannot See Me, and second track, It’s Simply That Your Living Touched Me More, went on sale earlier this month.

“These songs are written from the heart, sung from the heart, and will touch the heart,” said Guy.

“I adapted a poem called It’s Simply That Your Living Touched Me More, written by my work colleague Larraine Ollies Smith for the second song, and I think they are a perfect match.

“It is great to be able to work with Kathy and I was delighted when she agreed to sing the song.

“We share a common belief that music should touch the heart of the listener, and there’s no doubt that these two songs do exactly that.”

The artwork for the single comes from Jerrie Yehling, from Wisconsin.

This, and Guy’s 2010 album Ictal Variations (A Musical Exploration of Epilepsy) featured in an international epilepsy arts exhibition in Newport Beach, California, in October 2013.

Guy added: “I was astonished to come across a visual work which so perfectly matched the essence and feeling of the words and music in this compilation.

“I was thrilled when Jerrie Yehling gave me permission to use it.”

Although You Cannot See Me is available now.