Housing policy is a shambles

We are just halfway through the first month of 2014 and already another catalogue of coalition incompetence, double standards and Tory dogma is piling up, creating a dunghill of broken election promises.

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the misery this government is inflicting on decent working class families in my constituency and beyond.

The New Year’s honours list saw David Cameron’s cronies rewarded – even his hairdresser got a gong – while City fat cats got even richer.

Compare that with the treatment of those suffering the hated ‘bedroom tax’, a con-trick to penalise the poor which is just as unfair as the poll tax which did for Maggie.

Now the Department for Work and Pensions has revealed it may have wrongly cut housing benefit for 5,000 claimants who should have been exempt.

It seems that not even ministers responsible know the small print of their own legislation.

And the policy on affordable housing is another example of total shambles.

The council housing waiting list in Northumberland is currently over 10,000 individuals and families.

Labour’s core strategy would reduce that to zero within a decade, with over 2,000 homes built in the next four years alone.

The Tories have rubbished the plan yet have not put forward any alternatives.

The clock is ticking as the county’s population ages and the labour force shrinks.

Yet the government, and their Conservative supporters on Northumberland county council, seem content to sit back and do nothing as another generation faces a bleak future of rising rents, unaffordable housing, welfare cuts …and homelessness.