Photograph exhibition of coastline

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A special photographic exibition focused on the north east’s coast is coming to Woodhorn for a four-month run.

In July 2006 Damien Wootten began to take photographs using colour film, along the coastline of the north east.

It is an area that he had previously photographed in black and white during the late 1980s and early 1990s – inspired by the work of the British landscape photographer Raymond Moore.

Over the past seven years Damien has revisited and re-photographed very specific locations on this coast.

In his new temporary exhibition at Woodhorn, the majority of the images were taken in and around Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

Most repeatedly he has photographed at Church Point car park, then taken the path heading north around the headland and along the edge of the caravan park to the beach.

As a visual artist his foremost concerns are aesthetic and in how he responds photographically to this physical landscape.

But beneath this depictive level he is as interested in how he responds emotionally, looking at why he feels the need to continually visit and make images in these places – and to attempt to understand and use this environment as a psychological and philosophical space.

Damiensaid: “The time spent visiting these areas and the act of picture taking is as important to me as the work produced.

“It enables me to immerse myself in what can be a concentrated, all consuming and productive task, but also allows me time to consider and reflect, to think.

“The act of being outside and photographing can sometimes be both a challenging and cathartic one.”

Coastal Retreats, an exhibition of work by photographer Damien Wootten will be at Woodhorn Museum and Archivce in Ashington, from Saturday, October 12, to February 2, 2014.

Visit or call (01670) 624455 for more information about the exhibition.