Punk star’s exclusive radio show

Pauline Murray, lead singer of classic punk band Penetration.
Pauline Murray, lead singer of classic punk band Penetration.

One of the pioneers of the punk movement is embarking on a solo acoustic tour across the north east – with a special one-off live set on community radio.

Pauline Murray, lead singer of classic north east band Penetration, was big news on the punk scene in the late 70s and played at gigs with the Stranglers, Generation X and the Buzzcocks among others.

In the early 1980s, Pauline teamed up with punk poet John Cooper Clarke’s backing band The Invisible Girls and toured extensively to promote their album, Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls.

Now Pauline divides her time between her business, Polestar Studios in Byker where bands can rent out rehearsal space, and touring with Penetration.

The forthcoming acoustic tour is a new direction for Pauline, and she is looking forward to the challenge of playing in small, intimate venues without the benefit of a powerful band behind her.

Pauline will be doing an exclusive live set on Bedlington-based community radio station Radio Northumberland on the New Wave With Newman show on Monday, November 4, at 9pm.

Fans can tune in via the internet on www.radionorthumberland.com

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve done a full solo set with just me and my guitar,” she said.

“I’ll be playing songs from the Invisible Girls period and the Storm Cloud album as well as some brand new tracks I’ve written.”

Although the new tracks have sombre and melancholy titles such as Shadow in My Mind and Dark Cloud, Pauline insists that the songs are all upbeat and uplifting.

She added: “Most of the tracks are written in a minor key and are quite dark, however, I’m sure that the audience will find them interesting and thought provoking.”

Pauline will play acoustic sets at Durham Old Cinema Laundrette, Stockton Georgian Theatre, and Newcastle Star and Shadow Cinema throughout November.