23 things not to say to vegetarians and vegans at Christmas

Be kind to your vegetarian friends this Christmas.
Be kind to your vegetarian friends this Christmas.

So here it is, Merry Christmas - and everybody's eating meat. Except you.

At least that's how it can feel as the multitude of family feasts, Christmas meals out and festive buffets provide even more opportunities than usual for vegetarians and vegans to become the focus of intrigue, ridicule, and down right irritation.

Throw in difficult relatives, ignorant colleagues, and annoying friends you usually manage to avoid, and things won't seem so merry and bright.

If you want to be kind to a vegetarian this Christmas, here are 23 things you should avoid bringing up:

1) Can you not just have some turkey since it's Christmas?

2) Do you eat chicken?

3) I know you're vegetarian, so I've done some salmon...

4) Is your whole family vegetarian?

5) I don't know if it's gluten free...

6) Can you not just pick the bacon off the sprouts?

7) I don't eat very much meat

8) I only eat organic meat

9) Where do you get your protein from?

10) Do you not just ever fancy a bacon sandwich?

11) But pigs in blankets taste so good!

12) It must be very hard to eat out

13) Hi, I'm James Martin

14) The gravy is just the meat juices though...

15) The potatoes are cooked in goose fat, but there's no meat in them

16) What are you having for Christmas dinner? Nut roast?

17) My friend was a vegetarian but had to give it up because it made her ill

18) But the turkey is free range...

19) Hitler was a vegetarian

20) What if plants feel pain too?

21) You're vegan? But the cows like being milked

22) Are you a Buddhist or something? I didn't think they celebrated Christmas

23) If you were marooned at Christmas on a desert island with a turkey, would you eat it?