A gulf between the fat cats and the workers

Here is a question for a pub quiz: who earns £324,788 a week? The prime minister and his entire cabinet? The Queen? Me?

None of the above. It is the value of the pay and pensions package picked up by Jeremy Darroch, chief executive of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky media corporation.

And you didn’t misread the figure – it is his WEEKLY wage.

That amounts to more than a thousand times the current Living Wage of £7.65 an hour outside London.

And the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that almost one in four (23 per cent) of workers earn even less than that.

Mr Darroch’s £16.89m a year package is almost double that of Sky’s chief financial officer Andrew Griffith, who picked up £8.86m, or £170,404 a week.

Heaven knows how they make ends meet.

But the latest list of executive pay starkly shows how boardroom millionaires are now ten a penny.

Meanwhile working families struggle with low pay and zero hours contracts.

Everybody deserves a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

However, with more and more jobs paying less than the recognised Living Wage, it is clear that millions of workers are not getting their fair share from the economic recovery.

That is unless you are an executive fat cat, of course.