A problem with parking

I have just read the suggestions of a reader who has suggested the council should consider further car parking issues for the visit of the tall ships (News Post Leader, April 16).

I am not sure how often the tall ships come to Blyth.

I think we have far more important parking issues in Blyth. Take the parking problems we have at Blyth Community Hospital, where it is impossible to get parked, and where drivers are parking just about anywhere there is a space, legal or not.

I have used the hospital myself on a number of occasions and found I had to leave from home at least 30 minutes earlier to find a space to park and keep to my appointment time.

I have also lately had to take my elderly neighbour a number of times, who has walking difficulties and requires the use of walking sticks to help them walk.

Again we have to leave early to locate a car park space without having to walk mile to their appointment. Or worse leaving them abandoned at the main entrance until I find a car parking space.

The hospital is here to stay and used daily, not like the Tall Ships Race.

The council really needs to get out and inspect this problem and sort it out as soon as possible.

For the good of our elderly folk of Blyth and all other patients who need to visit the hospital.

Norman Guy