A town centre we can be proud of

THE plans of Hammersons for the development of Cramlington Town Centre are to be welcomed.

They may not be as extensive as previous plans but they do demonstrate that this company is committed to the redevelopment of Cramlington.

There may be some who disagree with some of the fine detail, but I think and feel that there is wide public acceptance of what they wish to achieve with a limited amount of money in what are austere times.

I had some concerns about the viability of a cinema but I am assured by Hammersons it does have companies keen to explore the possibilities in Cramlington.

For me that will be a major achievement and I would certainly give it my support.

However, despite my support there is just one very significant and important omission.

In the latter days of Blyth Valley Borough Council, the Cramlington Community Assembly discussed at some considerable length on what to spend ‘ring-fenced money’ that had been set aside for the town centre.

At recent Cramlington Town Council meetings the public have asked what has happened to this money? The answer is currently being investigated.

Whatever the outcome, I believe that Cramlington deserves some focal point which we all know as the centre of Cramlington.

A place where people can meet and relax. Where there might be a fountain, a public notice board, a lawn to lie on.

An area where people can say ‘this is our place, this we want and this is what we want to use it for’.

The council has not discussed this but I would wish the public to express their views.

We now have a sympathetic Manor Walks management team.

My view is that we should build a new area opposite Concordia where the town council offices are.

Some of this land is owned by the county council and some by Manor Walks.

I am sure we can all work together to make sure that we have a town centre that we are proud of.

Please give me your support.


Cramlington Eastfield