A victim or irresponsible dog owner?

Am I a victim or an irresponsible dog owner?

Last week I stopped to talk to a gentleman at a fence at Seaton Sluice Harbour with my dog.

I was then approached by a man asking if that dog was mine, and he made me aware that it had fouled next to the fence two yards away from me.

I was in an impossible place for me to see and at no time did I see the dog fouling or attempt to move away from where it had been fouled.

As soon as I was made aware of the dog fouling I picked it up.

Then he said he was an animal welfare officer and I would be getting a £75 on the spot fine.

I replied I did not see the dog fouling, his reply was that he did observe me talking and agreed I did not see the dog fouling, but they have nil tolerance policy.

The attitude of this individual was curt and sharp, almost to the point of bordering aggressive and intimidating.

I feel as he agreed he knew I did not see the dog foul that a slap on the wrist would be sufficient.

I only have his word that it was my dog that had fouled.

I am reluctant to pay this fine but the law says I have to.

Is this the same as the parking ticket racket in Blyth clawing monies back through fines?

Martyn Gunns

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