A waste of our money

I would like to bring to the attention of your readers a fact that should you wish to contact Northumberland County Council Trading Standards office this is what happens.

Telephone county council head office and ask for trading standards office, get through but told cannot take your complaint/enquiry as you have to phone another number – which is a number in Somerset [citizens advice] who asks you about your complaint!

The person you speak to has no idea where Blyth or Morpeth is, then after a long wait on an 01 number, you are then informed that they have sent an electronic message to trading standards and they will be in touch. Needless to say, Trading Standards has not been in touch.

This complaint actually concerned a piece of food that needed to be investigated and I felt it was important this was reported.

The irony is we only live six miles from the Trading Standards office and I would have taken it there.

Is this not stupid and a waste of ratepayers’ money?

Tom Ray