ABUSE: Region is not so friendly

Am I correct in believing that pavements are officially designed only for pedestrians?

Saturday, 9th July 2016, 6:01 am

If this is so then that simple legislation proves too complicated to comprehend by pedal bike and motor wheelchair users.

I’m a newcomer to the north. “The north is friendlier than the south,” I was told before moving here. Really?

For example, I was recently waiting, without obstructing the pavement, at a Newbiggin bus stop. A male motor wheelchair user was passing by without having hooted or verbalising the warning of his presence. Having passed by, he sped enough distance away to safely shout offensive, misogynist abuse.

My fellow bus queuer was appalled by this man’s actions and, as witness, said there was ample space to get by without hindrance to anyone.

Maybe London rat-race aggression has spread north?

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