Academy staff join university for research

Teachers at a Northumberland academy are teaming up with one of the country’s top universities to launch a research project into how to make knowledge stick.

Teachers at Bede Academy in Blyth, will be analysing knowledge retention among students, and will also work on developing strategies to help young people store the information they receive and the skills they learn so they can draw on them in later life.

Dr David Frost, senior lecturer in educational leadership and school improvement at Cambridge University, is visiting the academy this month to help prepare the teachers for their research.

Principal Gwyneth Evans said: “As teachers we are concerned that young people take the knowledge they develop at school, use it to get through their exams and then simply forget it.

“We have outstanding practitioners at Bede Academy who have chosen this issue for a research project, which we hope will inform the profession and provide useful evidence for further investigation.”

A number of teachers from Bede Academy have been chosen to speak at a national conference at Cambridge University and are taking part in an education conference in Holland later this year.