Accessing records on SSAFA support

A military charity has helped bring local history to life with its online records from 1914.

The digitalised records reveal SSAFA’s achievement, mobilising 50,000 volunteers across the UK and Empire and assisting more than one million people in 1914 alone.

In 1914, the SSAFA Northumberland Branch alone assisted 7,885 wives, 18,372 children and 2,322 other relatives giving £23,839 in aid.

People from around the country have been taking advantage of this free and easy resource, which helps users learn about the impact of WWI on the Homefront and the hardships it imposed on the wives and children of soldiers who went off to war.

Lydia Horstman, SSAFA’s Digital Communication Manager says: “This resource has taken these unique reports out of the archive and made them accessible to new audiences, including local historians and WWI experts.

“By digitising the SSAFA 1914 Flag Book, people can also explore the reports in a new way. Before it took a long time to search the index, now it’s simple to search about a local place, a family member or notable people who were connected to SSAFA at the time.”

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