Act before it’s too late

At last! People of Blyth are starting to express their opinion at the rapid decline of their town centre.

Local people, local businesses and local council members have all recently been able to voice an opinion on the growing issue through this page and the willingness of the News Post Leader to print their letters.

With a collective voice and a demand from everyone who feels so strongly about the town those responsible and those who are able to do something about it may take notice and wake up before it is to late.

Blyth could be the jewel in the crown of Northumberland. We have the beach, we have the park, we have a marina and we have a quayside, things we should be proud of.

Let’s face it Blyth has a poor reputation for those who don’t know Blyth but despite the minority of bad influences, most local people are good people and proud people.

We should be able to welcome visitors with a sense of pride and let them feel that they would want to come back.

A town centre needs shops, a variety of shops, interesting shops, shops to provide a wide range of goods.

Empty shops do not provide a service and are of no benefit to the existing businesses who are feeling the loss of public support due to more tempting shopping centres.

Regarding the Poundstrecher building, that is complete nonsense as I know that businesses in the town were given the opportunity over two years ago to apply for a grant to make improvements to their buildings and indeed some shops took the offer and have improved the appearance of the town and I would also agree that Poundstrecher are using the delaying tactics with the view that anything does for Blyth and the council threat will just go away in time.

Well, anything just won’t do for Blyth and I would urge people to boycott this eyesore until it makes the necessary improvement.

Keep those letters coming in with your opinions and we will get thing done.

John Wilson