Adam is keen to be a leading role model

A model with Down's Syndrome is encouraging others with learning disabilities to knock down the barriers.

Saturday, 28th May 2016, 7:50 am
Adam Wild. Picture by Mick Donnelly.

Adam Wild, who is a trained actor and dancer, won a gold medal in the Special Olympics and had lunch with Princess Diana, has set himself a new challenge to work as a fashion model.

The 24-year-old now lives in Newbiggin with parents Bernadette and Patrick after they adopted him when he was one-year-old, encouraging him to follow his dreams.

Bernadette said: “Adam is a truly remarkable young man and has never let anything stand in his way.

“He suffered some bullying at school in Watford, but he rose above it and he’s grown into a very confident man. Once he sets his sights on doing something, he doesn’t give up.”

Adam met Princess Diana at Harefield Hospital when he was five; and won a swimming freestyle gold medal at the 2013 Special Olympics in Bath.

Now however, his goal is to make it as a fashion model, and his Aw-Some Model fashion page on Facebook has more than 1,200 followers.

Adam said: “I’m really happy with my life, and I want to follow my dreams. We all have dreams and if you do things right they can come true.”

“I can walk tall wherever I go now. I’m very rich with my family, friends and everyone around me who makes sure I’m happy in my life.”

Mum Bernadette added: “There’s no stopping Adam once he sets himself a challenge.

“He’s a real advocate for people with learning disabilities; he can tell people what it’s like so they understand, and he’s helping to change perceptions, and how people relate to people with conditions such as Down’s Syndrome.

“We’re behind him all the way. He’s a real inspiration.”