Advertorial: Honda’s new CR-V SUV is set to be another success

Honda’s first CR-V was released in 1995 and the model is still going strong. The CR-V ranks among those cars with better all-round views from the higher seating position and the large rear storage space and four-wheel drive make it popular among bigger families.

Some love the off-road capability of these Honda city cars, but these vehicles have become increasingly popular with school-run mums and families who want a more versatile vehicle for a bit of weekend roaming in the countryside.

Honda’s CR-V has certainly proved popular, and the brand new version, released in autumn 2012, will undoubtedly be just as successful as its predecessors. Changes are not drastic – suspension has been lowered and it has a slightly sleeker style, giving it better aerodynamics and a fresh appearance.

Most CR-V owners will probably never put the vehicle’s off-road features to their full use, but the new model comes in a two-wheel-drive version with an efficient two-litre petrol engine. The car’s on-road handling is excellent and good for the rugged roads of Northumberland.

The range of models has widened as well: the Swindon-made Honda starts at £21,395 for the S trim. The diesel version is popular and it starts at £24,605 for the 2.2-litre S trim. One big attraction to this model is the fuel economy (according to reviewers, it costs between £13 and £16 per 100 miles), thereby offsetting the higher price of diesel fuel.

Despite its slightly smaller outward appearance, the 2012 CR-V does not suffer from a lack of space, with plenty of head and legroom and an impressive 589 litres of storage space with the 60/40 split rear seats up. Easy to drive, this car is also great for transporting cargo – just flip the lever and the rear seats flip down, freeing up 1648-litres of space!

Other cars in the Honda range include the CR-Z, a petrol-electric hybrid, described as a sport hybrid coupé. It’s the only petrol-electric hybrid car that comes in a manual version. It’s well-appointed and scores satisfactorily for safety and security. The car looks great and Honda will be hoping that its economy will be a big draw card for environmentally conscious buyers.

Further down the Honda range is the compact Honda Jazz, which, despite its small size, has the benefit of a lot of interior space. The Jazz also comes in a hybrid version with fuel economy reaching 62.8 mpg. This car in particular holds its value well in the second-hand market, making it an appealing vehicle for students and young professionals.

Honda has an affordable range of cars from the Jazz up to the CR-V which will satisfy many car buyers in the north-east. Unsurprisingly, the CR-V has proved to be popular since its release and it seems that the new model is set to keep up the trend.