Ageism at its best in swimming pool

MY two children love swimming so much that they have been getting up in the summer holidays at 6.30am so they can attend the ‘early birds’ sessions at Concordia Leisure Centre between 7am and 9am.

As we found out, these sessions are normally used by the ‘older generation’ who have obviously got so used to having free run of the pool, that the arrival of two children did not go down well.

The adults’ behaviour and attitude towards my two children over the last few weeks has been disgusting.

It was so bad that one day that I approached the reception staff to complain and was told that the children were most welcome, and they hoped that this wouldn’t stop us coming.

No it won’t stop us coming. We will be there every day, toys out, sprinklers on and lots of splashing!

I hope they are reading this and feel totally ashamed of themselves for treating two children like second class citizens when they should be applauding them for getting active and participating in an activity that they really enjoy.

A big thank you to all the staff at Concordia Leisure Centre who have been very supportive.