Agency boosts fish stocks in lakes and rivers

FISH stocks across the north east have been given a boost as part of plans to restore and develop rivers and lakes.

Fisheries experts will be stocking barbel, dace, rudd and tench at several locations in the north east next week as part of the Environment Agency’s ongoing plans to develop and restore rivers and lakes.

Barbel and dace reared at the Environment Agency’s fish farm will be stocked into three stillwaters at Killingworth Lake, QE2 and Mount Pleasant lakes that both suffered serious fish kills during the previous winter.

The Environment Agency releases fish into our waterways annually, and fisheries officers target fish stocking activity using data from national fish surveys to identify where there are problems with poor breeding and survival.

Environment Agency fisheries officers Paul Frear, who will be introducing the fish to their new homes, said: “We are pleased that we can provide these fish for stocking as part of our obligation to rod licence paying anglers.

“Restoration and the creation of new fisheries for all people to enjoy, is a very important aspect to our work.”

The fish come from the Environment Agency’s Fish farm in Nottinghamshire.