Aim is to support local businesses

I WELCOME the total agreement with myself of your contributor, Mr Swinburn (News Post Leader, February 9), to the idea that it is time that the county council passed something to town councils that actually brought in some revenue.

The whole issue of public advertising on highways arose last summer because of the great number of unofficial adverts that appeared by roadsides.

This was largely a rural issue, but a report was written at the request of the chief executve of the county council.

This report was presented last week to the county council planning committee and a scrutiny committee.

People might think that my political party does what I think. I can assure you it does not.

Futhermore ‘my party’ has not made a decision on roundabout advertising.

Yes, it takes place, but its future has not been decided.

I have alerted Cramlington to the fact that we are being denied money that I believe should be given to us.

But, I have to convince my party, which is a minority party, about the rights of this issue.

It may be that I also have to speak to others in other parties to seek their support. If that is needed I will do so.

This is an issue for the whole of south east Northumberland and its newly created councils. It is not a matter of party politics.

Whatever my party, I put my principles first and my party knows this and respects it.

I have to say that comments with regard to sponsorship were not with regard to roundabouts but anything.

There has been much talk about ‘sponsorship’ at Cramlington Town Council.

Indeed, some have suggested knocking on the doors of local industry to get ‘sponsorship’.

Last week I attended a meeting to discuss the setting up of a Chamber of Trade in Cramlington.

Even at a county council scrutiny meeting the issue was mentioned with regard to gauging commercial response and I was pleased to say that in Cramlington we are going to set one up.

We do not want to purposely extract money from industry and commerce, we wish to support it and nurture it in any way possible.

Finally, may I say that Cramlington Town Council is considering a very aggressive advertising campaign using bins and bus shelters and hopefully roundabouts.

I accept everything that has been devolved to us from the county council but we will use it to lessen the burden on the taxpayers of Cramlington.


Cramlington Eastfield