Alcohol is costing us over £120m

New figures have revealed that alcohol is costing Northumberland more than £120m a year.

According to Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, booze problems are costing the county’s workplace and wider economy £54.2m annually.

This includes 63,998 alcohol-related sick days which equates to over £6.5m, and 1,125 potential working years of life lost to alcohol-related premature mortality – which works out at over £31m.

Coun Susan Dungworth, the policy board member for adult care and public health at Northumberland County Council, said: “There is a lot of reliance upon alcohol and we, in Northumberland, would like to support a minimum unit price for alcohol.

“There is consistent evidence that to limit the availability of alcohol through a minimum unit price will lead to a reduction in consumption, and, in turn reductions in alcohol-related harm.”

“The effect of a minimum unit price will be to reduce harms associated with alcohol, which include the number and associated costs of alcohol-related crimes, alcohol-related health problems and deaths.

“Hopefully this will add to our well-being and help to promote our healthy lifestyle choices.”

The total cost is estimated at £120.22m each year, including a £31.53m cost to the NHS.