Alex and Jackie get to sleepover in city museum

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A mother and daughter from Blyth took part in a sleepover at a Newcastle museum to raise funds for charity.

Alex Bell, 16, and her mum Jackie, took part in the event at the Great North Museum at the weekend, to raise money for the Percy Hedley Foundation.

Organised by Northumbrian Water, the event has raised around £600 so far.

A total of 119 people from across the region bought a ticket for the unique ‘Night at the Museum’ event.

Wearing their pyjamas, those at the sleepover were split into six groups – Egyptians, Romans, archaeologists, geologists, curators, and palaeontologists.

Each group then got the chance to brave a bug banquet of giant ants, mopani worms, crickets, giant water scorpions, diving beetles, sago worms, grasshoppers, giant meal worms, bamboo worms and silk worms; learn about the mummification process and remove the organs of a life-size mummy; hold a live giant millipede, giant snail, tarantula, gecko lizard or boa constrictor snake; and go on a museum tour by torch light.